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: How Do They Work and What Are They Used For?

Dock cranes are powerful machines that are used in the shipping industry to move and load heavy cargo. They are a common sight in ports and harbors around the world and play a critical role in international trade. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at dock cranes, how they work, and what they are used for.
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What Is a Dock Crane?

A dock crane is a large, heavy-duty machine that is used to lift and move containers, cargo, and equipment on and off ships. The crane is mounted on a track or rail system that allows it to move horizontally along the dock to reach different areas where cargo is being loaded or unloaded. Dock cranes are typically very tall, with a height of up to 140 meters, and can lift up to 30 containers at once, depending on the model.

How Do Dock Cranes Work?

Dock cranes use a combination of hydraulic and electric power to lift and move cargo. The crane is equipped with a large, flat platform called a spreader, which is designed to fit over the top of a shipping container. The spreader is attached to the crane's hoist system, which lifts the container off the ship and onto the dock.

The crane's operators use a remote control to guide the crane along the dock and position it over the container they want to load or unload. Once the crane is in position, the operator uses the remote control to lower the spreader onto the container, lock it in place, and then lift the container off the ship.

Dock cranes are designed to operate in a wide range of weather conditions, including high winds and storms. They are equipped with sensors that monitor wind speed and direction, and the crane's computer system will automatically adjust the crane's operation to compensate for changes in wind speed and direction.

What Are Dock Cranes Used For?

Dock cranes are used by shipping companies and port operators to move large volumes of cargo quickly and efficiently. The machines are typically used to load and unload shipping containers, which are the standard way of transporting goods across the ocean. The containers are loaded onto large cargo ships in one location and then unloaded at another, allowing the goods to be transported across the world.

Dock cranes are also used to move heavy cargo, such as machinery, vehicles, and construction equipment, on and off ships. The machines are capable of lifting loads weighing up to several tons, making them essential for many industries.


Dock cranes are powerful and essential machines that play a critical role in international trade. They are used by shipping companies and port operators to move large volumes of cargo quickly and efficiently, and they are designed to operate in a wide range of weather conditions. If you work in the shipping industry, you know how important dock cranes are, and if you don't, next time you see one, you can appreciate the vital role it plays in keeping the world's goods moving.